The Knob & Spohr Gardens

I'm writing to you fresh off a little Cape Cod getaway, sunburnt and dreading the workweek ahead of me. These past few days have been much needed, and although I didn't manage to capture the whole magical (& festive) week, I did make absolutely certain to chronicle our spontaneous adventure into Woods Hole this past Thursday. The… Continue reading The Knob & Spohr Gardens

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Sunrise on Cape Cod

I consider myself so blessed to have had a beautiful childhood, and to have been born into an incredible family. I made a few posts last summer with photos of Cape Cod and some of the things we like to do there, but I've never really talked about how special it is to me, and… Continue reading Sunrise on Cape Cod


Enjoying the Weather & Treating Myself

It's March! I cannot believe how quickly January and February flew by, this winter came and went in the blink of an eye. Spring break is just around the corner and I could not be more ready for a relaxing week at home. I thought my first semester of college was going to be the hardest,… Continue reading Enjoying the Weather & Treating Myself