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Sunrise on Cape Cod

I consider myself so blessed to have had a beautiful childhood, and to have been born into an incredible family. I made a few posts last summer with photos of Cape Cod and some of the things we like to do there, but I've never really talked about how special it is to me, and… Continue reading Sunrise on Cape Cod


Dealing with Heartbreak

Over the past few years, I've learned a few things about heartbreak. Mainly, that heartbreak isn't always the stereotypical 'I love someone and it didn't work out' sort of thing. Maybe I was watching too many movies or something. I've found that heartbreak can come from anywhere. When I was mentally ill and it felt… Continue reading Dealing with Heartbreak

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Fitness Diary ♦︎ Week 1

I have officially workout out seven days in a row! That might sound like a small accomplishment, but it's actually a pretty big deal for me. I could sit here and write about all the reasons I want to get into shape (feeling more confident, having more energy, being healthier, blah blah blah)... But let's… Continue reading Fitness Diary ♦︎ Week 1


May Notes ~ Goodbye Freshman Year

I've taken a little bit of inspiration from CutiePieMarzia on YouTube and decided that, in order to get back into the blogging game, I want to have a small series on my blog to keep me focused. So, towards the end of every month, I'll be posting a little life update/diary of what my life looked… Continue reading May Notes ~ Goodbye Freshman Year

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Maintaining a Sleep Schedule

In my last post, I mentioned how difficult this semester has been. One of my main struggles, if not the main struggle, has been getting enough sleep. On days I have to get up early for long hours of class, I find myself rolling around until 5 AM with insomnia. It's nearly impossible to fall asleep. When… Continue reading Maintaining a Sleep Schedule