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Fitness Diary ♦︎ Week 3

These last two weeks, I've really let myself down. I was doing so well with my consistent workouts, and then all at once I fell off the wagon. I stopped doing my daily HIIT videos and I've been so disappointed. I could sit here and list a bunch of reasons why I didn't workout. And, believe me,… Continue reading Fitness Diary ♦︎ Week 3

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Fitness Diary ♦︎ Week 1

I have officially workout out seven days in a row! That might sound like a small accomplishment, but it's actually a pretty big deal for me. I could sit here and write about all the reasons I want to get into shape (feeling more confident, having more energy, being healthier, blah blah blah)... But let's… Continue reading Fitness Diary ♦︎ Week 1

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Maintaining a Sleep Schedule

In my last post, I mentioned how difficult this semester has been. One of my main struggles, if not the main struggle, has been getting enough sleep. On days I have to get up early for long hours of class, I find myself rolling around until 5 AM with insomnia. It's nearly impossible to fall asleep. When… Continue reading Maintaining a Sleep Schedule