The Knob & Spohr Gardens

I’m writing to you fresh off a little Cape Cod getaway, sunburnt and dreading the workweek ahead of me. These past few days have been much needed, and although I didn’t manage to capture the whole magical (& festive) week, I did make absolutely certain to chronicle our spontaneous adventure into Woods Hole this past Thursday.

The weather down at our area of the Cape wasn’t great, so we opted to take the scenic route down the coast and have a little excursion. After a beautiful brownie sundae on the docks, we headed to The Knob.


The Knob is a little 15 minute hike along the water to a – literal – pile of rocks sticking out into the ocean. We take a few trips down there every summer to kill off an hour on days when the weather isn’t quite seaworthy. As you make your way down the winding road, you pass by a boatyard that makes these beautiful, colorful sailboats and dinghies. They all sit on moorings in this sandy little nook, looking picturesque and dreamy. Every once in a while, you’ll even catch a happy couple getting married atop the hill with these handcrafted boats in the background.


The brief little trek takes you down dirt paths through beautiful woods, and then you pop out at the ocean just like that. The fauna there is breathtaking, and the beach grass looks so soft and fluffy that if I didn’t know better, I’d nap in it.



Once you scale the long, rock stairs up to the top, you reach a flat concrete slab with a few straggling tourists, soaking it all in. The views from the top are just as refreshing and sweet each time I visit, with all of Buzzards Bay before you.


Mom, Dad & I

The little sailboats all plucked around in the distance, and the sea was clear and blue as can be.

After we climbed into the car and began the journey back to the house, my dad pulled down some random side road and told us there was a nice little garden somewhere. He said a man collected anchors from all different ships, and he placed them here in a garden on display. I have to admit, I was underwhelmed by the idea of those gigantic anchors that seem to make great lawn ornaments these days, but I had no idea that all my life I’d driven by something so magical.


Suddenly I found myself in this magical location where I felt like fairies could poke out from under the flowers and mushrooms and sprinkle magical fairy dust on my toes. It was this stunning little rock wall covered in all sorts of history and happiness, wrapped into one little chunk of obscure land. Trees I’d never seen before lined the thick, grassy paths and flowers sprouted out of the dirt with such rigor that they looked like they might just jump up and kiss you.


With tired legs and happy hearts, we made our way home just before a delicious pink sunset. It was a fantastic little day out and about, and I cannot wait to spend a few more days soaking in all the nooks and crannies of Cape Cod. These summer days are oh-so-sweet!



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